Wesley Meuris

Room 36 Area LW

Sculptures & Installations
60 x 220 x 480 cm
wood and paint

exhibited at LaBF15 , Lyon

This year’s program for La BF15 focuses on issues, devices and mechanisms inherent to the various aspects of exhibitions: works, space, display, surveillance, public reception, media, cultural meetings, etc. Wesley Meuris’s work fits in these questions, particularly focusing on the construction and understanding of space and knowledge. His work, consisting of diagrams, posters, drawings or life-sized models, is built through various types of modelling for demonstration spaces (zoological pens, hypothetical archives, museum furniture, exhibitions programs etc). His work focuses more on the contextualisation of the contents rather than the contents themselves, therefore highlighting the conditioning of our experiences.
His exhibition at La BF15, entitled Expansion, points at the contradiction of spaces designed to fit human activity despite being cut off from all external reality by their mechanism. Wesley Meuris chooses to reveal the less obvious aspects of our environment’s domestication, by reconstructing flow dynamics in two works produced for the occasion.The first one, ROOM 36 AREA LW, takes the shape of an exhibition floor that is raised and crossed by air circulation. It becomes at once the sculpture, the pedestal, the architecture and mechanics of an atmospheric device, of which the drawing EXPANSION details strates. Realized from a technical vocabulary of plans, it reveals the thermal specificities inherent to the conditioning of the public’s perception.

room 36
room 36
room 36