Wesley Meuris


Drawings, sculptures and installations by the Belgian artist Wesley Meuris (*1977), present a strongly architectural, or even scientific, character. Things which could, at first glance, appear as devices for presenting works or other artefacts, are, in fact, works of art in themselves. By bringing these mechanisms and demonstration objects to light, Wesley Meuris points at our way of presenting and seeing things. By exhibiting, for example, animal cages left empty or a theme park kiosk, inanimate and reduced to its simplest apparatus, he hopes to show us things which usually escape our view but which, nonetheless, play a primordial role in our daily interpretation of the world which surrounds us. His sculptures and installations are often accompanied by drawings and analytical schemas which strengthen the functional character of these subjects.




-Postdoctoral research; Sint Lucas Antwerp (2019 – now)

-PhD ‘Exhibiting Knowledge’, University Antwerp & Sint Lucas Antwerp (2010-2017)

-Coordination of production studio Master after Master. Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp. (2009-…)

-Haus der Architektur, Graz, Austria 01.03.2006 – 31.06.2006

-HISK, Antwerp (Higher institute for Fine Arts) 2004-2006

-Studio in Düsseldorf, Germany 01.02.2001 – 31.08.2001

-LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, Belgium, Master in Fine Arts (1995 – 1999)



2024 March – Preferability, Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (B)

2021 November  – Probes, Krieg, Hasselt (B)

2021 March -Verticality II, Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (B)

2020 October -Verticality I, Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (B)

2020 October -A L’Enseigne, Galerie Poggi, Paris (F)

2018 June -UrbanModeL_index, Recyclart, Brussels (B)

2017 September -kunstINgang #9, CC Merksem (B)

2017 September -(fragments), Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (B)

2017 June -Modèles d’exposition, Musée des Arts Contemporain, Grand-Hornu (B)

2017 April -Scenes of Engagements, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Amilly (F)

2016 October -The Agency, Gallery Jérôme Poggi, Paris (F)

2016 June -Museum of the Futures, Comfort Moderne, Poitiers (F)

2016 January -Side, Mu.ZEE, Ostend (B)

2015 October -Attached, Salon Blanc, Ostend (B)

2015 March  -The Office, Jeudi, Geneva (CH)

2015 March  -notes, Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (B)

2014 November  -Club Solo, Breda (NL)

2014 April -Sightseeing, SOLO Art Bussels (B)

2014 April -Expansion, LaBF15, Lyon (F)

2013 September -Sightseeing, Galerie Jérôme Poggi, Paris (F)

2012 December -Collection Rooms – Constants and Variables, Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (B)

2012 May -R-05.Q-IP.0001, Casino Luxembourg forum d’art Contemporain (L)

2012 April -Disclosure, Mediaruimte, Brussels (B)

2010 October -Research Building, CC Knokke-Heist (B)

2009 October -C.C.C.A.I. – Gallery Annie Gentils (B)

2009 September -Sculptural intervention, Lannoo 100, BOZAR, Brussels (B)

2009 April -The World’s most Important Artists, Galerie Art & Essai, University Rennes (F)

2008 March -We believe in our idea that an exhibition could be fun for everyone, Gallery Annie Gentils (B)

2007 March -Artificially Deconstructed, Brugge (B)

2006 March -Cage for Pelodiscus sinensis, Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (B)

2006 January -Cage for Australian night animals, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)

2005 September -Cage for Dendrolagus dorianus, Kunstnu, SMAK, Ghent (B)

2005 May -17 1-person cabins, Kulak, University Campus Kortrijk (B)

2005 February -ARCO’05/project Rooms, Gallery Annie Gentils (ES)

2003 December -Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (B)

2002 April -Wesley Meuris, Virgini&Deborah Bailly, STUK, kunstencentrum, Leuven (B)

2002 March -Free Space 02, NICC, Antwerp (B)

2001 May -Merkwürdige Dinge geschehen, Atelier am Eck, Düsseldorf, Germany (D)



2024 April – Rebel Garden, Musea Brugge (B)

2023 October – Quotidien Communs, La Ferme du Buisson, Paris (F)

2023 May – Sur le Feu, Palais de Beaux Arts, Paris (F)

2023 March – The Seduction of the Bureaucrat, De Garage, Mechelen (B)

2022 January – Le Pouvoir du Langage, mfc-michéle didier, Paris (F)

2021 November – Fiat Lux, VUB Pilar, Brussels (B)

2021 October – Abstracte kunst bestaat niet, EMERGENT, Veurne (B)

2021 April – Zoology, Zebrastraat, Gent (B)

2021 March – Bye Bye His-Story, Chapter 5050, Centre de la Gravure, La Louviere (B)

2020 September – 3 Collectionneurs #7, ETE78, Brussels (B)

2020 June -The Beginning of the 21st Century, Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (B)

2019 November -noWhere, SMAK, Gent (B)

2019 September -La Bonne Éducation, Centre d’exposition du Munaé, Rouen (F)

2019 June – Genesis, L.A.C., Narbonne (F)

2019 June -Home Sweet Home, Kunsthuis Harelbeke (B)

2019 January -‘stil’, The Ketelfactory, Schiedam (NL)

2018 April -Temporary Structures, PLATO, Ostrava (CZ)

2018 May -Triennial Liquid City, Bruges (B)

2018 April -Mystic Properties, Art Brussels (B)

2018 April -Résonance, Frac Normandie Rouen (F)

2018 February -Museé pour Cible, Cabinet d’amateurs#13, Musée ds Arts Contemporains, Grand-Hornu (B)

2018 January -Drawing by number, Galerie Jérôme Poggi, Paris (F)

2017 November -Ecce Homo, diverse location Antwerp (B)

2017 May -Little Hisk, LLS387, Antwerp (B)

2017 April -The Absent Museum, WIELS, Brussels (B)

2016 December -Reflector, Plus One Gallery, Antwerp (B)

2016 December -Investigations into the Uncanny, Willem II Fabriek, s’Hertogenbosch (NL)

2016 November -The Animal Mirror, ISCP, Brooklyn, New York (USA)

2016 September -Les Explorateurs, Frac Normandie Rouen, Parc de Clères (F)

2016 March -Around the Corner, CC Heist op den Berg (B)

2016 March -Connected, De Centrale, Brussels (B)

2016 May -The Promise of Total Automation, Kunsthalle, Wien (A)

2015 October -(On)voltooid Verleden Tijd, Library University Leuven (B)

2015 May  -Vormidable, Museum Beelden aan Zee, The Hague (NL)

2015 May  -Museum of Unconditional Surrender, TENT, Rotterdam (NL)

2015 April -The Written City – Politics and the production of space, City Halles Bruges (B)

2015 January -No Walls, Fenixloods, Rotterdam (NL)

2015 January -Futurs Composés, Fondation Hippocrène, Paris (F)

2014 December -Another Dream -Another Sense – Another Mind, University Leuven (B)

2014 October  -Histerical Materialism, Galerie Jérôme Poggi, Paris (F)

2014 October  -Van de Sokkel, CC Ekeren (B)

2014 September   -Museum to Scale, Kunsthal Rotterdam (NL)

2014 August -Fieldworks – Animal Habits in Contemporary Art, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork (IRE)

2014 March -Museum to Scale, Baker Museum, Naples Florida (USA)

2013 December -Grenzen/Loos, Emergent, Veurne (B)

2013 October -Museum to Scale, Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels (B)

2013 October -La Tyrannie des Objets, Galerie des Galeries, Paris (F)

2013 September -What Matters, Psychiatric Hospital, Duffel (B)

2013 August -The Mind of the Artist, Galerie Ronny Van de Velde, Knokke (B)

2013 June -Les Nouvelles Folies Français, Domain Saint-Germain-en-Lay, Paris (F)

2013 June -Route N16 – Public Shelters for Private Experience, Mechelen, (B)

2013 May -Rêves d’architecture, L’espace de l’art Concret, Mouans-Sartoux, (F)

2013 February -Dreaming of the South, Gallery Marion de Cannicre, Antwerp (B)

2013 January -How High the Moon, Gallery Jérôme Poggi, Paris (F)

2012 November -Unexpressive, De Ketelfactory, Schiedam (NL)

2012 September -Façades, Be-part, Waregem (B)

2012 April -Between Memory and representation, De Bond, Brugge (B)

2011November -Tender Buttons, University Ghent (B)

2010 December -Crossover, Royal Academy, Brussels (B)

2010 December -The power of drawing, Geukens & Devil Gallery, Antwerp (B)

2010 October -Horizon / Exhibition Models, De Bond, Brugge (B)

2010 October -ABC, Art Belge Contemporain, Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing (F)

2010 September -Ceusta 010, In-Situ, Tielt (B)

2010 September -Coup de Ville, City Project, Sint Niklaas (B)

2010 September -Silent Passage, Psychiatric Hospital, Duffel (B)

2010 June -Sun Light, City project, Nieuwpoort (B)

2010 May -New Monuments, Middelheim Sculpture Park, Antwerp (B)

2010 April -Methamorphosis III’, San Gimignano (I)

2010 February -Out of control, MAMAC, Liege (B)

2010 January -Animism, M HKA, Antwerp (B)

2009 October -Fiac, Grand Palais and Louvre, Paris (F)

2008 November -Een Repliek…, University Ghent (B)

2008 October -Rodenbach Award, HISK, Ghent (B)

2008 September -Amuzes-vous, Gallery Koal, Berlin (D)

2008 September -Art-itectuur, Maagdendalekapel, Oudenaarde (B)

2008 June -Scope Artfair, Special projects, Basel (CH)

2008 May -ARTchitectuur, Monumental, Bornem (B)

2007 December -Metamorfose, Museum Abello, Mollet del Vallès (ES)

2007 December -Status Questionis, Gallery Annie Gentils (B)

2007 December -Strong Art-Research, Existentie, Ghent (B)

2007 September -House Trip, Art-Forum, Berlin (D)

2007 September -Metamorfose, L.A.C., Sigean (F)

2007 September -European Forum for emerging creation, Casino Luxembourg (L)

2007 September -Kunst & Wunderkammern, CC Knokke-Heist (B)

2007 July -Silent Revolutions, kruidtuin Leuven (B)

2007 April -ArtCologne, New Talents, Cologne (D)

2007 March -Home is where the heart is, Lier (B)

2007 March -Actionfield, Nederoverheembeek (B)

2007 Februari -Artefact-festival, STUK, Leuven (B)

2006 November -Provinciale Prijs Beeldende Kunst, Antwerp (B)

2006 November -ArtCologne, Open Space, Cologne, Germany (D)

2006 September -Traurig sicher, im Training, Graz, Austria (A)

2006 June -Freestate, Oostende (B) 2006 April -Art Brussels, Gallery Annie Gentils (B)

2006 January -The collection, S.M.A.K., Ghent (B)

2005 December -And Lucy liked it,…, HISK, Antwerp (B)

2005 December -Cage for Pelodiscus sinensis, Lineart, Young Ones Award, Ghent (B)

2005 November -ArtCologne, Cologne, Germany (D)

2005 May -Fiësta, Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (B)

2005 April -Open studio’s, HISK Antwerp (B)

2005 April -Dan Graham and Sculptures, ING-Bank, Brussels (B)

2004 September -Damn’art`04, Hedendaagse kunst in Damme (B)

2004 September -Ename actueel, 9minuten 74 seconden, curator: S.Vanbellingen, Ename (B)

2004 April -De vierkantswortel van het geheugen, curator: Filip Luyckx, Dendermonde (B)

2004 April -Eclips, curator: Stef Vanbellingen, Willebroek (B)

2004 February -Prix Mediatine 2004, Médiatine, Woluwe, Brussels (B)

2003 July -Verboden op het werk te komen, Brakke Grond/W139, Amsterdam (NL)

2003 May -Sugar & Spice, Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (B)

2001 December -Belgian Brand, Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (B)

2000 October -Expo, L’Usine, Ukkel-Brussels (B)

2000 October -Fagus,i,f, Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Bos en groen, Brussels (B)

2000 May -M’as-tu vu?, CC Belgica, Dendermonde (B)

1999 December -Nieuwe meesters, C.R.A.K., Antwerp (B)

1999 September -Laureaten ’99, St-Lucasgalerij, Brussels (B)

1999 June -WHIVIMUKOW-MISJESBAK, Brussels (B)



Currently tutor & researcher at Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp (2010-…)

2023 -ESAD-TPM, workshop Speculative Wunderkammer, Toulon

2023 -Summer School ARIA – UA, Antwerp

2022 -ESAD-TPM, presentation and workshop, Toulon

2021 -ÉNSA, presentation and artist talk, Versailles, Paris

2021 -HISK, Artist talk, Ghent

2021 -Gallery Annie Gentils, Artsit Talk, Verticality

2019 -Research presentation for Graphic design, Sint Lucas Antwerpen

2018 -École Supérieure d’art de Bourges , Artist Talk

2018 -École Nat. Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais, Artist Talk

2018 -University Antwerp, Architecture, Artist Talk

2018 -École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon (Artist talk and Work shop on Exhibition design, Extended Gaze)

2018 -WARP, Contemporary Art Platform , Eindhoven (Artist dialogues)

2018 -Recyclart, Artist talk and Interview (Liquid City)

2018 -École Supérieure d’art du Nord-Pas Calais / Dunkerque – Tourcoing (Workshop with Cyril Crignon)

2018 -Klara, National Radio (Interview on Liquid City, Triennial Bruges)

2018 -Howest, Architecture department, Artist Talk

2018 -HISK, Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Artist Talk & Artist Dialogues

2018 -Triennial Bruges, Liquid City, Artist Talk & Interview

2017 December -École Supérieure d’art du Nord-Pas Calais / Dunkerque – Tourcoing (Workshop Exhibition Structures and discussion with Cyril Crignon)

2017 October -Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (Interview with Michel Dewilde on the ‘fragments’ exhibition)

2017 September -Musée d’arts Contemporain du Grand-Hournu (Doctoral dissertation, Guillaume Bijl, Antony Hudek, Frank Maes, Werner van dermeersch, Herwig Leirs)

2017 August -Musée d’arts Contemporain du Grand-Hournu, (Public presentation, Modèles d’exposition)

2017 July -Bruges Triennial 2018, Liquid City (Presentation UrbanModeL, 2018)

2017 June -WIELS, Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels (Artist talk and discussion with Caroline Dumalin, ‘The Absent Museum’ exhibition)

2017 April -Les Tanneries, Centre D’art Contemporain, Amilly, France (Artist talk and discussion with Eric Degoutte during the ‘Scenes of Engagement’ exhibition)

2017 February -Extra City, Kunsthal, Antwerp (Artist talk and discussion with Pieter Vermeulen on ‘Performing Speech’- master class)

2016 October -École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris-La Villette, (presentation and discussion with Roula Matar-Perret in and on ‘The Agency’ exhibition)

2016 January -Club Solo, Artist Space, Breda (Artist talk)

2015 October -Salon Blanc, 1-day project room, Oostende (public artist talk)

2015 October -INHA, Institut National d’histoire de l’art, Paris (Lecture during seminar ‘Autour des Archives de la critique d’art, discussion with Jean-Marc Poinsot)

2015 August -WARP, Contemporary Art Platform ,Artist village Bruges Triennial (Artist dialogues)

2015 March -M HKA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp (Interview with Johan Pas on the ‘notes’ exhibition)

2015 March -Klara, National Radio, Brussels (Interview with Kurt Van Eeghem on the ‘notes’ exhibition)

2015 March -Galerie Annie Gentils, Antwerp (doctoral Seminar)

2014 September -University Hasselt, Dept. Architecture, Hasselt (Workshop ‘Measuring the World)

2014 August -Lewis Glucksman Gallery, University Cork, Ireland (Artis talk and discussion with Chris Clarke)

2014 April -LaBF15, Contemporary Art Space, Lyon (Artist talk)

2013 November -EPFL, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Lecture)

2013 November -Z33, House for Contemporary Art, Hasselt (Artist Talk)

2013 November -PXL-MAD School of Arts, (in dialogue with students)

2013 November -École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon (Artist talk and Work shop on Exhibition design, discussion with Jill Gasparina)

2013 August -WARP, Contemporary Art Platform ,Artist village Genk Manifesta program (Artist dialogues)

2013 June -MuZEE – Museum of Contemporary Art (vrienden van) , Oostende (studio visit and presentation)

2013 May -Royal Academie of Fine Arts, TEBEAC, Gent (lecture and discussion with students)

2013 March -HISK, Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Seminart, Gent (Seminar on Artistic Research)

2013 March -Frans Masereelcentre, Kasterlee (Artist talk and presentation)

2013 January -De Ketelfactory, Contemporary Art Space, Rotterdam (Artist talk, ‘Innerlijke instrumenten’)

2013 January -De Vooruit, Arts Center, Ghent (Lecture Cultuureducatie ‘Kunst in de publieke ruimte’)

2012 December -Galllery Annie Gentils, Antwerp (PhD seminar in dialogue with Michel Dewilde & Florence Ostende)

2012 December -Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp (Master Class ‘Tekst & Image’)

2012 November -Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp (Lecture)

2012 October -ECAV, L’Ecole cantonale d’art du Valais, Sierre (Lecture + workshop ‘Collecting on display’)

2012 September -SMAK, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent (Lecture during seminar ‘Kunst wordt terug Kunst’)

2012 September -Z33, House for Contemporary Art, Hasselt (Lecture ‘Kunst in openbare ruimte’)

2012 August -WARP, Contemporary Art Platform ,Artist village Genk Manifesta program (Artist dialogues)

2012 June -Casino Luxembourg, Forum d’art Contemporain, Luxembourg (Presentatie en Artist talk)

2012 March -Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp (Master class, ‘Thinking about Exhibitions’)

2011 October -Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp (lecture on Research in Arts)

2011 May -a.pass, advanced performance and scenography studies, Brussels (workshop ‘A glance on Architecture’)

2011 May -Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp (Artist talk during ‘confrontations’- program)

2011 April -Academie Mechelen (Artist talk during ‘Steen’ program)

2011 March -Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp (Artist talk for Sculpture Studio)

2011 February -University Antwerp, dept. Architecture (Artist talk and coaching during workshop, discussion with Key-Portilla Kawamura)