Wesley Meuris


Text by: Colette Dubois, Vlad Ionescu, Jill Gasparina
Design: Undercast, Reg Herygers
paperback, 21 x 26 cm, 144 pages
Language: English - French
Publisher: Stockmans Art Books, Wesley Meuris
ISBN 9789077207901

Wesley Meuris’s most recent works focus on space and more specifically the way in which the machines that humankind sends into space – satellites, probes – live there. Through volumes, graphic works and seemingly abstract panels, the artist introduces a new perspective on the thousands of spacecraft that currently populate the cosmos.


-Colette Dubois

Eng: Between imagination and reality: the conquest of a new space

Fr : Entre imaginaire et réalité : la conquête d’un nouvel espace

-Vlad Ionescu

Eng: On the cosmic Caravan, Verticality, and other Human Pursuits

Fr : À propos de la caravane cosmique, de la verticalité et d’autres activités humaines

-Jill Gasparina

Eng: Is the museum a Spaceship

Fr : Le musée est-il un vaisseau spatial


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wesley meuris
wesley meuris
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