Wesley Meuris



Sur le feu

1 June - 16 July 2023

Group show, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Paris (F)

wesley meuris



In the continuity of the “Theatre of Exhibitions”, the residents and students of the fourth class of the “Artists & Exhibition Professions” program propose the program-exhibition Sur le feu. Based on works from the collection and pieces by students and contemporary artists, Sur le feu aims to highlight all of the School’s resources in order to share with the public the multiple forms of life and creation that are simmering at the Beaux-Arts de Paris.

How to animate an exhibition? How do you bring it to life? What would it be like to inhabit it? The project unfolds in three principles of thematic actions.
The first lifts the veil on what the Beaux-Arts de Paris are, by making their backstage visible. The second is an invitation to conviviality and living together within the exhibition itself. The third one is a reflection of this collective emulation towards the outside world.

This progressive revelation, going as far as to overflow, makes the bet of a lively and constantly evolving exhibition, where events, projections, workshops and round-table discussions participate in the subject as much as the works presented.
Resolutely prospective, the exhibition goes beyond the simple visit and transports visitors into the experience of interaction and activation.

From week to week – from low fire to high fire – the intensity crescendos, the exhibition comes alive, reveals its secrets and surprises and invites the public to fuel its fire. Here, works of art welcome you for a siesta; there, you are expected to join us for a big buffet. Visitors will be able to contribute to numerous workshops: sewing, making fanzines, tracing and reproducing works from the collection, repairing, manicuring… or simply come and listen to a concert or follow a round table. Everyone will also be able to become a curator of exhibitions to be developed on site from the database of the collections, thanks to an interactive and immersive device proposed by EBB and Neïl Beloufa.

The heritage works will offer shifted perspectives on the history of the Beaux-Arts de Paris. The invited artists – established artists or students – will propose works that, worn, produced on site or tasted, will multiply throughout the exhibition. The Beaux-Arts de Paris thus becomes a living museum in which visitors and artists are invited to co-create.


Antariksa, Andréanne Béguin, Chang Qu (curators in residence)
Mélanie Bouteloup and Armelle Pradalier (co-directors of the “Artists & Exhibition Professions” program)
Juliette Barthe, Ugo Casubolo Ferro, Bruna Luiza Costa Pessoa, Assia Cuche Barkat, Darya Danilovich, Louise Feneyrou-Py, Camille Florance, Enzo Meglio, Baptiste Meillier, Camille Paillou, Melissa Vazquez, Bruna Vettori, Lucie Wahl (students in the “Artists & Exhibition Professions” program)

Among the artists and participants

AIMS Program, Ilaria Andreotti, Gilad Ashery, Ece Bal & Leïla Vilmouth, Hans Baldung, Ors Batmaz, Neïl Beloufa & EBB, Yassine Ben Abdallah, Margot Bernard, Sacha Boccara, Rose Bourdon, Brieuc Bouwens, Thomas Buswell, Café Héloïse, Sila Candansayar, La Caverne, Doreen Chan, Gaëlle Choisne, Pauline Conforti ), Clément Courgeon, Jean-Baptiste Deshays, Vincent van der Donk, Maria Eichhorn, Extra Lucide (Emile Degorce-Dumas and Hélène Garcia), Andreas Février, Les Francas, Olivia Funès Lastra, Anna Giner, La Glaneuse, association Heart Street, Ninon Hivert, Huynh workshop, Ingela Ihrman, Ana Jotta, Djiby Kebe, Konstantin Kyriakopolous and Chloé Royer, Maxime Laguerre and Lili Levy-Lajeunesse, Louis Lanne, Charles-Jacques Lebel, Franck Leibovici and Yaël Kreplak, Nicolas-Bernard Lépici, Julie Le Toquin, Sofia Magdits, Iman Malik, Karel van Mander, Chef Marouane, Wesley Meuris, Gabriel Moraes Aquino, Neeve Moule Drige, Eadweard Muybridge, Kiek Nieuwint, Elia Nurvista, Joachim Olender, Clara Paillette, Papier Saint Germain Lyz Parayzo, Amol Patil, Mathis Perron, Hatice Pinarbasi, Jonathan Pouthier, atelier Prévieux, Loïc Rouillé, Sofia Salazar, Lana Salvatori, Eva Gabrielle Sarfati, Isadora Soares Belletti, Fanny Taillandier, Qingmei Yao and many others…


Palais des Beaux-Arts