Wesley Meuris



Fiat Lux

18 November 2021 - 6 February 2022

Group Show, VUB Pilar collaboration with HISK, Brussels (B)




VUB – Pilar Brussels BE, in collaboration with HISK, curator Em. Prof. Dr. Willem Elias

Fiat Lux takes a look at the Enlightenment of which the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is a child. Willem Elias selected 28 alumni of the Higher Institute of Fine Arts (HISK) whom he got to know as chairman and continued to meet afterwards. The work they present approaches “Enlightenment” in the broadest sense of the term. From an ode to free thought to questioning rational thinking: the artworks offer insight into the dialectic between darkness and enlightenment. “Du choc des idées jaillit la lumière!” Fiat Lux creates a context for aesthetic wonder and stimulates the critical mind.

Participating artists: Ariane Loze (HISK laureate 2017), Arno Roncada (HISK laureate 2005), Charif Benhelima (HISK laureate 1998), Charlotte Lybeer (HISK laureate 2005), Cindy Wright (HISK laureate 2006), Colin Waeghe (HISK laureate 2010), Dries Boutsen (HISK laureate 2021), Katya Ev (HISK laureate 2020), Elias Ghekiere (HISK laureate 2017), Fia Cielen (HISK laureate 2008), Francis Denys (HISK laureate 1999), Frederik Van Simaey (HISK laureate 2009), Joke Raes (HISK laureate 2016), Jonathan Paepens (HISK laureate 2017), Joris Van de Moortel (HISK laureate 2009), Kasper De Vos (HISK laureate 2017), Koen van den Broek (HISK laureate 2000), Lieven Paelinck (HISK laureate 2001), Merlin Spie (HISK laureate 2000), Mike Carremans (HISK laureate 2009), Nadia Naveau (HISK laureate 2001), Nicolas Provost (HISK laureate 2005), Peter de Cupere (HISK laureate 1999), Peter Weidenbaum (HISK laureate 1999), Renato Nicolodi (HISK laureate 2007), Roel Heremans (HISK laureate 2019), Tom Woestenborghs (HISK laureate 2005), Wesley Meuris (HISK laureate 2005)


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