Wesley Meuris

Vision Restored

Sculptures & Installations
220 x 180 x 350 cm
wood, glass, metal and lighting

photo: H. Beurel

Vision Restored, comes across as an autonomous piece of sculpture placed in the middle of the room, accessible from all four sides. Its position was determined by the view from the doorways, creating a “two-stage discovery.”

The first thing you notice as you move through the rooms is that all the display cases are empty. The reception area already laid the cards on the table by presenting visitors with a stereotyped, standardized reorganization, and the adjacent rooms continue to play this game. Retaining the museum-design spirit, all the glass cases here are perfectly executed, from laminated glass and wood trim down to the lighting— they are veritable “jewelry cases” for displaying all kinds of “precious” objects. And yet they remain forever empty, because Meuris has transformed these presentational modules into the very content of the show. The items usually contained in a display case are far from innocuous. And even if the display cases here are left empty, they were designed by Meuris for the same purpose of exhibition, conservation, and protection that apply to the objects they are supposed to contain. However, Meuris does not go so far as to reproduce the conditions of conservation and lighting exactly, for his point is not the perfect reproduction of a functional display system. Instead, he underscores—and creates a new synthesis of—the conditions generated by the system, which leads to an analysis of those active mechanisms and yields a content that is admittedly virtual yet all-the-more present.

At first sight, these display modules all seem identical with their glass surfaces and lighting. And yet each one occupies the surrounding space differently, inviting a very specific circulation and interpretation. They were therefore designed not merely to enhance an object on display but also to condition the way that object is approached and viewed.


vision restored
vision restored